Christmas Light Training at the HUGE- IN PERSON TRAINING, August 22nd: Scaling to 100k and Beyond

Christmas Light Training at the HUGE- IN PERSON TRAINING, August 22nd: Scaling to 100k and Beyond

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Christmas speakers -5 million dollar installer line up-

Start your Christmas light Business off with a game plan that works.  Whether you are learning the ropes of the industry or trying to break the $100,000 barier in just 6 weeks for your light install business, we cover actionable steps to help you scale your lighting business.  
Don't miss this awesome opportunity for this in person training. Learn from the seasoned installers the basics of running a successful Christmas light installation company. 

Join our Christmas Light Contractors community's of almost 10,000 members 

All day event 9am-4pm 

Value delivered 

  • Unlock secrets of  7 figure installer: Here from some of top installers in the industry how to overcome barriers. 
  • Huge Returns: Our Training help Ensure You'll Earn Back and Surpass Your Investment in Just a Few Jobs.
  • Affordable Opportunity: Launching a Christmas Light Installation Service with Christmas Light Contractors is Affordable and Within Reach, No Expensive Equipment Required.
  • Maximize Your Income: Tap into the Lucrative Christmas Light Market and Quickly Recoup Your Investment with Our Comprehensive Training.
  • Strategic Pricing: Learn Competitive and Profitable Pricing Strategies to Maximize Earnings and Attract Clients, strategy to get a Return on Your Training Investment.
  • Learn the basics of one of fastest growing roof cleaning businesses in USA while you Hang out with marketing expert Spencer Claeys.  

 Demo the Twinkly Pro Plus Product and Get Hands on Experience!  

Guest Speakers

•Fred Zimmerman
•Donovan Quesenberry


 Tyler Zimmerman
•Brian Richardson 

 Spencer Claeys

•Adam Chapman


Topics Covered:

  • Scaling to 100k and Beyond
  • Business Basics
  • Christmas Light Installation Basics
  • Marketing -creating a Lead Generation machine
  • Hands on Experience

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