GROUP BUY_ C7 Bulbs (500 case)

GROUP BUY_ C7 Bulbs (500 case)

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50% down = 5000 Sun Warm White bulbs (select V2) 
*Additional color options available upon request.
*colors only broken in increments of 500
This is your commitment to participate in the CLC 2022 group buy. The cost to make a commitment is non-refundable, however it will be applied to your final invoice total. 


Price per Bulb Number of bulbs sold
$0.60 2500
$0.55 5000


50% of payment is due before Feb 1st to place our order to the factory. 50% is due once the factory makes the items before they will ship out. Tariffs WILL BE ADDITIONAL COST. Shipping from our warehouse to your final destination will be additional cost. Sales tax if applicable will be additional cost. 

 Existing orders will be invoiced at that time of shipping.  The cut off for participating in the CLC 2022 group buy is January 31.